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Please allow 2-4 weeks for custom orders. 

Orders received after December 1 are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

For questions and custom orders, please contact me at

PO Box 160152, St. Louis, Missouri 63116 

Gold Digger Serving Tray- Made to Order
Gold Digger Serving Tray- Made to Order
Lola + Rose Emporium

Gold Digger Serving Tray- Made to Order


Gold Digger: White and metallic gold marble. 

Gold Digger as a name was pretty low hanging fruit, but I kept it because as women, we should be after our gold. Money allows for so much opportunity. Sure, shoes, bags and fresh nails are great, but so is financial freedom. So is travel. So is having the power to make choices for yourself. So, yes, be a gold digger, and no, you don't need a man to do it.


This product is made upon order. The look of your piece may slightly as each is poured lovingly by hand. Fine air bubbles, imperfections and teensy fuzzies may find their way to the surface of your piece during the 24 hour cure time. This is normal.


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