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Oh, hey.

I'm Liz, but I will also answer to Lola probably for at least the next five years. I'm the founder of Lola + Rose. When I'm not here, I might be working my 9-5, riding my horse, Tahoe, playing with my cat, Crookshanks, working out, meditating, making art, doing yoga, watching Netlix, volunteering, hanging with friends, or more than likely, drinking wine. 

About Lola + Rose

Well, about me, really. If I can be honest, I founded Lola + Rose mostly out of boredom and the realization that if I didn't create the life I wanted, I was going to wake up in 10 or 20 years and be really pissed at myself for letting time pass me by and not doing something for myself that I was really excited about. 

For years, I'd been searching for clarity on what I should be doing with my life. I hadn't been following a "traditional" trajectory of going to college, starting a career, getting married and having kids, and at times, I struggled with that. I never saw myself doing all of those things, but I watched so many people around me seemingly get their shit together, and I felt totally left behind. I struggled through a very tough couple of years, as I think many people in their mid to late twenties do. (By the way, I'm totally in my 30s now.)

In Spring of 2019, a series of fortunate events led me to the notion that I didn't have to commit to just ONE passion in life, and it's really ok to explore and continue to grow and change. After all, I'm certainly not the same person I was at age 20, so why should I hit 30 and just stop evolving?

That's where this shop comes in for me. It's a place I can exercise my creativity and share things that I genuinely ADORE with anyone who's interested. I made this store for me, but if you like it too, that's pretty dope.