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Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders. 

Orders received after December 1, 2021 are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

For questions and custom orders, please contact me at

PO Box 160152, St. Louis, Missouri 63116 

Product Use & Care

Many people often ask, "What are these for?" Let me tell you: just about anything. 

Although these can certainly be used as a standard cutting board, I do not recommend it regularly, as cut marks will show. Typically, I recommend these more for display, decoration or serving. They look great in every room in the house.

They can be used to serve and display food, organize makeup and accessories, add a decorative layer to a bathroom or sit on a coffee table underneath a candle or vase of flowers. 

I use non-toxic resin to pour these designs and allow any stain to cure for at least seven days before shipping, so these are totally food safe. PLEASE NOTE: Any crystal detailing on these boards can be sharp! Handle with care. Read on for care and upkeep. 

The best part about these custom serving boards is that they're so easy to maintain! You will not want to run ANY board through the dishwasher, ever. These are all to be gently hand washed with lukewarm water and/or simply wiped clean. 

You can condition both wood and slate boards with food-safe mineral oil. Wood will absorb excess oil over time, so no need to wipe after conditioning. Slate will not absorb excess oil, so be sure to wipe as much away as you can after coating. 

Ta-daaa! Your board is as good as new! Happy serving!


A Note from the Artist

Please keep in mind that from creative freedom, true beauty is born. No artist, including me, will be able to read your mind or produce an exact copy of something you've seen before! Kindly allow me to interpret your wishes as I feel would preserve the integrity of the piece and materials, as we work together to manifest your desire!