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Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders. 

Orders received after December 1, 2021 are not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

For questions and custom orders, please contact me at

PO Box 160152, St. Louis, Missouri 63116 

American Junkie- Made to Order
American Junkie- Made to Order
American Junkie- Made to Order
Lola + Rose Emporium

American Junkie- Made to Order


Named for the former and legendary Chicago bar, American Junkie, but inspired by the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. This board pays tribute to the dirty, sparkly nightclub scene and my former days as a booty-shakin,' hair tossin' club rat. 

This tray is hand-painted black, filled with shimmering charcoal and bright pops of electric color. Glitter pills, crystals and Swarovski crystals overlay the design to give this piece a truly edged-out look. 

*Please take care as there are pills filled with glitter on this board, and drug references/implications can be triggering to some. 


This product is made upon order. The look of your piece may vary slightly as each is poured lovingly by hand. Size: Large

ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS to ship.

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