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Cruella Serving Tray- Made to Order
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Cruella Serving Tray- Made to Order


Cruella: the 2021 version that doesn't involve Dalmatian fur. Black and white marble is as simple as it gets.  

When we are looking to decorate our homes, we are looking to extend a piece of ourselves to the outer world through our personal style. That can be hard and overwhelming if we don't know how to define our personal style. Often, people get very literal in their style instead of seeking to capture the essence of the things they love. Think: decorating with a lava lamp vs pulling inspiration from the 70s or 90s through texture, color or fabric. Nothing against lava lamps! But we can often achieve our stylistic goals by digging just a little further below the surface. The great thing about simplistic pieces is that they offer smooth transitions as trends come and go and as our preferences change over time. 

This style is made upon order. Your item may vary slightly from the image shown, as each piece is poured lovingly by hand, and wood variations occur dependent on vendors available. Rest assured, your individual piece will capture the perfect elements of what you see in the photo. Size: Standard


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