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Tahoe- Grunge- Made to Order
Tahoe- Grunge- Made to Order
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Tahoe- Grunge- Made to Order


Grunge: Black and white and bronze marble- sans crystals

Life is messy. I've had a really hard time accepting that since becoming a home owner. I like my house to be guest and photo ready at all times, but that's just not reality. I live here. I make messes. My cats have fur and sharp claws that are drawn to my dining room chairs like magnets. Perfection is unattainable and the gap between it and reality is where misery resides. Spilling dirty bronze into pristine black and white marble is a reminder that life is often more fun when it's a little bit messy. 

This style is made upon order. Your item may vary slightly from the image shown, as each piece is poured lovingly by hand, and wood variations occur dependent on vendors available. Rest assured, your individual piece will capture the perfect elements of what you see in the photo. 


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