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Isla- Grime- Made to Order
Isla- Grime- Made to Order
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Isla- Grime- Made to Order


Grime: black, white and bronze marbled together alongside a glittering crushed glass cluster.

Grime reminds me of Chicago streets on a rainy night. Oil-slicked ground is shimmering under streetlights while the street just outside that glow retreats into black. It's very comforting to me. Living alone in Chicago for the first month I was there cured me of my fear of the dark. Not to be dramatic, but big cities are scary as much as they're magical, and none of us are invincible to dangers that lie outside our control. The first few nights I was there, alone in my apartment, I was so scared of every noise, afraid someone was just outside my door waiting to break it down. I finally realized that I could lie awake every night in fear, or I could surrender to the fear and know that this world is insane, and the best I can do is allow myself the night to sleep peacefully. I'd never had streetlights so close to my window before, and it seemed silly to plug in my nightlight. So, I learned to surrender to my fear, and the nighttime city sirens became my lullaby. 

This style is made upon order. Your item may vary slightly from the image shown, as each piece is poured lovingly by hand. Rest assured, your individual piece will capture the perfect elements of what you see in the photo. 


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