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Isla- Emrata- Made to Order
Isla- Emrata- Made to Order
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Isla- Emrata- Made to Order


Emrata: pink, champagne and glitter marble with crushed glass and rose quartz stones. 

So let's take a journey. In 2011, I read this book called White Girl Problems, and I so identified with the hilarious, first world bullshit problems the main character, Babe Walker, endured... although she was filthy rich- can't relate...yet. Anyway, fast forward, this character evolved into a rosé called White Girl Wine (problematic) and has since been changed to Babe Wine. I'm pretty sure Fat Jewish created all of this. Anyway, fast forward again, Babe wine recruited Emily Ratajkowski (Emrata on IG) to be their spokesmodel. Fast forward one more time, and Babe wine hosted a contest to win a holiday party sponsored by them, and I submitted my video entry stating that I was a ride or die Babe fan since 2011, and even made a rosé colored board and named it Emrata in honor of the brand. I won the contest and through a bomb ass Christmas party in 2019. Oh, a year before that, I won a gold Babe necklace from them in another IG contest, so when you see me in a Babe necklace, you know why. It pays to play, my loves.  

This style is made upon order. Your item may vary slightly from the image shown, as each piece is poured lovingly by hand.


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