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Jack- Canyon
Jack- Canyon
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Jack- Canyon


This oversized butcher's block features a beautifully textured design in shades of white and canyon reds, oranges and terra cottas.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? I haven't, but I flew over it once and it was incredible to look at. I took photos out of the plane window and they still amaze me. The thing about the Grand Canyon is that we can appreciate its beauty because of its depth, but rarely are we willing to look at ourselves the same way. We view our deepest emotions and desires as "too much" or a "burden" to others and to ourselves, when really, our depth is what makes us who we are. On the surface, we all try so hard to conform in so many ways, and in doing so, we hide our beautiful canyons. Just think what life would be like if we were in as much awe of the wonder that is our Self as we are of the rest of nature's wonders?


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