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Jazz- Toasted Marshmallow
Jazz- Toasted Marshmallow
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Jazz- Toasted Marshmallow


Toasted Marshmallow: fluffy white, cocoa and copper, lots of sparkles- overall hoodie season vibes

I don't accept being called basic for loving fall. Fall is magic. It's a receding of our summer energy and retreat inward. It's getting cozy with ourselves and with our people. It's hunkering down on chilly nights, snuggling close and keeping warm. It's a modest campfire that wraps up at 9:30 because it feels like 10:30 and we're ready for a warm shower and a snuggly blanket on the couch. And I don't care what anyone says, the ONLY way to roast a marshmallow is to light it on fire, eat the burnt layer, do it again, and go in for the whole gooey inside. 

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