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Tahoe- Golden Girl
Tahoe- Golden Girl
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Tahoe- Golden Girl


Golden Girl- a gold glitter flower/mandala design with a clear resin glaze to seal it

Growing up, and up until now, I obsessed with perfection. As a child, an A- would send me into a rage of anxiety. My parents never pressured me to make perfect grades, but I learned the more A's I got, the more I was loved (or so believed a grade-school child). That perfectionist behavior carried me into adulthood believing that if I could just be a little prettier, a little thinner, a little funnier or smarter, maybe I'd be loved a little more. But as I write, I look at a wilting hibiscus on my porch, who bloomed for just one day and then fell to make room for the next blossom, and I am reminded that we didn't come here to obsess about the size of our petals or the color of the flowers around us. We came here to bloom in perfect form, just as we are. The hibiscus didn't try to be anything it wasn't. For one lovely day, she basked in the sun, and she was perfect. 

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