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Tahoe- Queen of Disaster- Made to Order
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Tahoe- Queen of Disaster- Made to Order


Queen of Disaster: Black, white, grey and gold with a crystal cluster takes an otherwise classic and adds some edge.

Do you ever get into a situation and think, "This ALWAYS happens to me!" and feel frustrated and sometimes hopeless? Yeah, I get it. And I have bad news, it's going to keep happening to you until you figure out why you have this pattern inside you. Most of the time- scratch that- all of the time, we picked up something in our childhood that our subconscious now loops as our governing pattern. No need to freak out. Awareness is the first step. 

Please note, your piece will look different from the image shown as each piece is poured lovingly by hand. ***This design is now done on Lola + Rose Logo boards. 

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