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Tahoe- Shangri-La
Tahoe- Shangri-La
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Tahoe- Shangri-La


Shangri-La: Caribbean turquoise, exotic green, gilded gold and soft white

Get in loser, we're going to Shangri-La. Shangri-La- paradise on Earth. What do you think of? The word itself might lead you to a hidden tropical island or perhaps an oasis tucked away in a dense jungle somewhere off the coast of an uncharted seaside. I don't think of it that way. I think of Shangri-La as my personal paradise. It's my space. It's my home space. My music space. My car space. My nature space. My mental space. My emotional space. The more I treat all my spaces as my sacred places and my personal paradise, the more I come to know true heaven on Earth- if only for the deepest cycle of breath I can muster. 

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